Tuesday 28 September 2021
The Arab Institute for Human Rights launched a resources center specialized in collecting information on human rights and democratic reforms in the Arab region. It is perceived as a mechanism to follow political, cultural, social and economic transformations witnessed by the region. It provides scientific criteria and indicators for monitoring and analyzing of variables especially since this transitional phase is characterized by the emergence of new actors on a constantly changing political, activism and institutional map. Another reason for setting up this center was to try to resolve the dispersion of information, which is yet to be resolved in the absence of a hand that collects, analyzes and sets them to the care of different actors. The Center also aims to build and provide a comprehensive space for new actors (human rights NGOs, newly established non-governmental organizations, personal initiatives, bloggers, creators, artists and academics.......) in Arab countries undergoing transformation, as well as gathering information on their needs in their areas of work. The Resources Center system can provide an access to comparative studies of the situation in certain countries concerned, and help to identify the needs of the region concerning plans and programs which could be implemented. Furthermore, the Resources Center provides information which would enhance the exchange of knowledge and information available on issues such as democratization, transitional justice, and economic, social and cultural rights.